80-110: The Nature of Mathematical Reasoning

Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2015

Possible essay topics

Due Friday, May 15

The following are some ideas for extra-credit essay topics. You're welcome to write about something that's not on this list, but send me an email first to check that it's an appropriate topic! I've linked some potential resources, but you should find your own as well.

These papers should be a minimum of 1500 words. Be sure to cite whatever resources you use (Wikipedia is not a good resource). If you are writing on something historical, carefully explain the timeline and progression of how the topic developed. If you are writing on something philosophical, explain different viewpoints that are found in the literature, and justify your own opinion. Please write in clear, grammatical prose: the fact that we're talking about math does not excuse sloppy English! Essays will be graded on both style and content, and will be worth a maximum 10% increase to your course grade.

The final deadline for these papers is Friday, May 15. I will not grade anything received after that. If you are a graduating senior, your grades are due to the registrar at 4:00 pm on May 14; to meet this deadline, you need to get your papers to me earlier, by Sunday, May 10. I will be on planes to Australia starting the morning of May 12, and don't know what internet availablility will be like when I arrive; if you are late submitting your paper, you are tempting fate.